This is the meaning to life!

This is the meaning to life!


Everything can be learned, everything can be trained. You can shape and chisel your body. You can activate genius within your mind. There is in-fact little you cannot do.

Lift your sites to the horizon. Most people aren’t looking much further than five feet in-front of them, and so think that they can’t achieve much! Most people give up on their dreams and ambitions way too soon.

There comes a time when you have stepped so far away from mediocrity that there is no going back – the only way is forward! 

Ask yourself the question: “What is life to me?”

Your answer will determine much about how you are showing up in the world. Some will say “well its not easy!” “life’s a bitch!” “life is a game! “life is an adventure!” etc..

There is a magnificent example of the power of this in the movie “Life is Beautiful”

In the film Guido and his son are taken to a Nazi concentration camp and to keep his son’s spirits up he tells him that it is a game that they are playing which completely changes the boys experience of being in the camp.

Check out this clip in the movie here: 

I cried with laughter when I first saw it. In-fact it is the only movie where I both cried with laughter and with sadness. Amazing movie if you have never seen it – watch it in it’s original version with English subtitles.

So what is life? It is whatever you decide it to be, so you may as well give it an empowering and even fun meaning.

Helen Keller said that “life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

Forrest Gump Likened life to a box of chocolates!

The great part is that we can change our point of view at anytime and in doing so, completely change our life, if that is what we desire. The ability to shift our point of view is what makes us powerful beyond measure.

Always be willing and open to let go of limiting beliefs in favour or more powerful and empowering beliefs. Be observant and question current paradigms!

And by the way, even the horizon is an illusion, so realise that you are eternal! 

Todays power question: “If I could choose my own meaning to life then what would it be?”

Today’s power statement“Life is _______”  (Fill in the blank with your new and empowering meaning of what life is and means to you. Say it over and over again until you believe it.)

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong 
(The dragon slayer)

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