Spirituality Coaching

Spirituality is the sum total of what we believe.

What we believe about each other.
What we believe about life.
What we believe about God.

How does the rain dance make it rain?
As you believe it, so shall it be done unto you.

Humanity is trying to solve the worlds problems at every level except that in which the problem exists;
It is a spiritual problem.

The problem in life is that we don’t know who we are. To Be Your Potential is to simply be your authentic self.

It is important to create a cohesive awareness.

The purpose of life is growth, expansion and to ultimately evolve.

Reaching for the possibility is what we call evolution.

Coaching can allow you to see whether or not the beliefs you hold really serve you at the highest level. sometimes there is a confliction in beliefs and often this is unconscious and can cause major friction in your life.

You might want to become financially abundant, but as a child you heard that money was the route of all evil and now it is embedded in your unconscious mind, so you find yourself sabotaging yourself when it comes to finances and wondering why. You also might really want to become abundant in other areas of you life but seem to be experiencing lack and scarcity no matter how much effort you seem to put in. the dis-empowering unconscious belief you may be fostering is that there really is not enough to go around, and if you have everything you desire then there is someone else out there who has to go without. Now that belief is pandemic and you and I know that is ridiculous to believe that there is not enough.

A very wise man once said:

We are all one
There is nothing we have to do
There is enough

Changing a belief and developing new more empowering beliefs starts with awareness.
To Be Thy Self and to Know Thy Self are the most powerful life teachings that I am aware of.