Life Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions

Life Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a coach?

The truth is that you don’t need a coach unless you want to raise yourself above mediocrity and maximise on your potential. Years ago it was mostly leaders in business and world class athletes that had coaches. Today as a society we have evolved to the stage were we understand the importance of consistent growth and progress in our lives. So coaching is for you if you wish to rise up to the next level and realise the next grander version of yourself. Having a coach means having the edge!

What sort of life coaching do you provide?

I go way beyond generic life coaching using skills attained from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Temporal Dynamics and Emotional Freedom Techniques to provide a system of coaching that reaches far into the depths of the mind to create change at the cellular level for long term growth and progress in your life. I also go way beyond goal setting starting with your purpose in life, mission in life and vision for your life. We then establish your grand goal and finally set up the rest of your goals making sure that they are in alignment with your purpose, mission and vision. I am flexible and cater the coaching to your needs with a focus on you the client being able to make more empowered decisions and then being able to take action on those decisions.

What happens in the first coaching session?

This is an exploratory coaching session were we establish your wants and needs. And find out and clarify where you are and where they want to go. We then open up the field of possibilities of how to get there.

How long is a typical coaching session?

Sessions are typically 45 minutes and I will never leave you hanging, as my focus is on the result; meaning having you leave the session with clarity, feeling great and empowered. This is the result that I am focused on.

How long before I can expect to see results?

You will certainly experience an internal shift after the first session. This could be a new awareness of your potential, a new set of empowering beliefs or simply some clarity about who you are. All progress starts on the inside, then our outer environment corresponds and comes into alignment with that.

How often do people need to have sessions with you?

Some clients like to have weekly sessions for a period of three to six months, while others continue on an ongoing basis. Sometimes the result the client is after is achieved in as little as one session and that is enough for them. Each client has a unique process, and my job is to be sure they feel supported.

What are your coaching rates?
$300 USD per session, or $3000 USD for 12 Sessions.

What is your niche?

I believe that too many people go through life with one foot on the accelerator and the other foot on the brake. Its the conscious mind that has its foot on the accelerator trying to get somewhere. And the foot on the brake is the unconscious mind saying “hey I am going to protect you and keep you safe in this comfortable bubble that I have created for you”. Its the conscious mind that ‘knows what to do’ and the unconscious mind that can stop us from ‘doing what we know’, simply because its prime directive is to protect us. So what’s important is that we align our Conscious Mind with our Unconscious and align those with our Higher Self. Effectively we have three minds and when all three are aligned that is when real energy flows, that is when our life flows with relative ease everything just falling into place. This is when we follow the path of least resistance.
So even though I believe that I can help anyone produce any result, I would have to say that my niche is being able to help my client realise and recognise their true purpose, which is inside their heart, and their potential as a human being and then manifesting that into reality.

Do you ever work with clients on the phone instead of in person?

Yes. This is proving very popular being both effective and efficient for the myself and the client to work over the phone. Geography is not an issue and it is great for people with busy lives as we can do a coaching session on their lunch break or while they are waiting for a flight in an airport!

Why did you become a coach?

Really out of a deep desire to help people. There have been times in my life when people close to me were suffering from a health issue or they were depressed, or they were looking for answers to some major life questions. So out of frustration of not being able to help and wanting to, I dedicated years to studying all the major areas of life and what made an individual successful in each. In doing this I not only learned how to support others in their growth, I also saw myself break through some major barriers becoming more and more empowered along the way.