Our Mission

Our Mission

My Mission is to educate, inspire and transform lives, and to positively affect the global shift in conciousness that is taking place on our planet.

Do you have a mission for your life? Everybody should, and the clearer you are on what that mission is,  the more fulfilling a life you will lead. As a coach I can assist you in gaining total clarity of your life purpose  so that you can start living it immediately!

What I teach and and how I coach goes way beyond goal setting, reaching to outer and inner solar systems. Its about aligning our personalities with ourselves which is spirit/soul.

Before we can get down to creating our goals for the months and years ahead, we must first realise what our purpose is here in this existence. After our purpose comes our mission, and after mission comes our identity. only after we have aligned these three key components can we start thinking about goals. I start with Le Grand Goal which is the tree trunk and then branch off into smaller goals.

If the tree was on one side of the river and the branches (not realising who they were) decided that they wanted to grow on the other side of the river, how likely do think that, that is going to happen. Even if it did, how disconnected would those branches feel?

Now that you know that the branches are the goals and the trunk is le grand goal. what do you think the roots are?, and what do you think the seed is that sparked that tree into creation?.