Health and Longevity Coaching

Health and Longevity Coaching

Health and Longevity CoachingHow healthy are you really?  To what age do you expect to live to? Even more important what age would you like to live to and why?

To still be alive and living joyously at the turn of the next century, being part of and a witness to the monumental shifts that will have taken place on our planet, I find extremely exciting.

My Calendar age is 35 and my Bio-electric age is 19. I expect that there are people alive today that will live for over 200 years in their present body!

Whether you believe that is possible or not,  you are probably right! at the turn of the twentieth century the average age people lived to was 47. It has nearly doubled in 100 years. The advances we have made in the understanding of health and longevity in the last 20 years is astronomical. Its actually a revolution. In this century we will see a few people pass the 150 year mark and in the next century 200!

There are ways of eating, drinking, thinking & training that can greatly enhance your wellbeing, health and longevity and ensure that you do not become a victim to dis-ease and suffering.
In fact, you can totally rid yourself of dis-ease, regain your health and live a life of energy and vitality, never having to worry again.
If this sounds absolutely fantastic to you and you would like to retain or regain your youth then it is just a matter of becoming educated and taking the appropriate actions.