Fitness Coaching

Fitness Coaching

Fitness CoachingStrength, Agility, flexibility, Cardiovascular fitness, Muscle tone and energy. The body you have always dreamed of and deserve, you can have with the right program, eating plan, mind set and coach.

The best thing is that it is never too late, no matter what your age or physical disposition. Those who say it is are simply making excuses, or are not fully aware of their true potential as a human being.

There is always another level for everyone. The next greater version of yourself is waiting to be developed and for you to develop it.

I have devised and developed the revolutionary “Complete Physical Conditioning System”, which will soon be available on a series of DVD’s so you will have me in your home, training you and coaching you through a profound series of exercises to sculpt your body, focus your mind and energise your life. I have drawn the most effective movements from many disciplines ancient and modern including Yoga, Martial Arts, Weight Training, Pilates and Gymnastics to bring you a system condensed into a thirty minute session three times per week.

It allows you to train in your own home with only a limited amount of equipment, required to complete your workouts.  there are various levels from the complete coach potato to the advanced athlete. The intention of the program is to serve you at the highest level in all environments and for you to make consistent progress and growth.

If you are interested in the C.P.C.S and would like further information then contact me to find out how you can win a C.P.C.S pack for free. The normal Price for the program pack will be in the region of $200.

Level 1 and 2 of the CPCS is now available in my new book, “You Will Be Thin And Feel Great”!