End Your Suffering – Choose a new belief system!

End Your Suffering – Choose a new belief system!

There is a distinct possibility that there is no such thing as free choice. That there is no free will, the future is set. And everything that has happened to you up until now, was going to happen anyway, no matter what you did. And everything’s going to happen in the future, is going to happen anyway. 

And that’s actually a very empowering place to be, when you understand that and believe that. Because it takes all the stress out of life, takes all the pressure off. You can just freely make decisions, ’cause it’s going to happen anyway. You can get into a flow of life. ‘Cause the truth is, it’s how you respond to situations. It’s how you – what state you allow yourself to be in when situations happen. ‘Cause all the big ones pretty much are going to happen to you throughout your life. There’s no real getting out of it. 

You’re going to have health challenges at some stage. Mental, emotional, physical. Some sort of breakdown in your life. You’re going to have, maybe some sort of divorce or relationship breakdown. Maybe a bankruptcy. Time when you’ve gotten – if you’re not in business, maybe there’s a time where you’ve got no job and no money. Death of a loved one. All the big ones. They’re all going to happen at some stage, right? 

So we have – so what’s in there? Where is the free choice in that? The free choice, the free will is – when this happens, when we receive some– When we trip up, we look stupid, we fail, we get rejected. Whatever it is, it’s what – what state are you going to be in? What state do you choose to be in while you go through that? While you go through the stuff of life, which you’re going to go through anyway. There’s going to be ups and downs, there’s going to be thrills and spills. It’s all going to happen, right? 

Where your free choice comes in, is how you show up when that happens. Are you going to be all stressed and worried and – etc. Are you going to just go, “Okay, this is what’s happening, what can I learn from this? How can I grow from this? What can I be grateful about from this? Where’s the benefit? Where’s the benefit in this?” 

The seemingly terrible situation, where’s the terrific in it? Look for the terrific in the terrible. Look for the advantage in the disadvantage. Look for the seeds of hope in the adversity, and you’ll find it. If you really look and you really look deep, you’ll find it. And you’ll equilibrate the event, and soon enough you won’t feel so bad about it. You’ll feel okay, and you’ll feel actually grateful. You get yourself into a state of gratitude. Of, “Wow, how is this helping me grow as a person? What am I learning from this? What other options are there?” 

And if you look back on your life, and you look back at all the events that happened, all the situations, the times where you worried or you freaked out, or you’re in a state of panic or fear or whatever. Beating yourself up about something or whatever. And look back and go – you got through it, right? Could you have been in a different state? Could you have actually enjoyed the process, or flowed through it, just knowing that it’s just part of life. It’s just part of the story of your life. You’re going to go through it anyway. 

Just flow through it. And you flow through it by asking yourself great quality questions. “Oh interesting, this seemingly terrible thing is happening, I wonder what the benefit of this is? Wonder what I can learn from this? What else can I learn? What other benefit? What other advantages are to this? I wonder, what is it about this situation that I can be grateful about right now? Not 10 years in the future, right now.”

And when you can get to that place, then you can start to master your life. Because the masters in life are focused on transformation, while the masses are deluded by one sided realities. 

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