From Mediocrity to Mastery! Are You Ready For It?

From Mediocrity to Mastery! Are You Ready For It?


From Mediocrity to Mastery! Are You Ready For It?

There is nothing wrong with mediocrity, but it is simply not going to allow you to lead a fulfilling life!

Mediocrity is closely related to conformity and as Earl Nightingale once put it “The opposite to courage is not cowardice, but conformity. Everyone acting like everyone else!”

If you act like everyone else does, then you will get what everyone else has. 1 In 3 people get cancer and 1 in 2 get some form of heart disease. 95% of people are completely broke financially by the time they reach the age of 65.

It is mediocrity that leads to being one of these statistics, for the most part and as a general rule.

Two of the most important things we need to learn in life are — how to take charge of our health and wellbeing, and also how to create financial freedom. These are the fundamentals of life mastery.

The reason that only a very small percentile of people get it is because it is not taught in school. Incredible isn’t it that we spend all those years in school and we are not taught the most important and fundamental life lessons. It certainly makes me question the status quo.

People like me and you have to go and actively search out and sift through the mountains of information to learn these things. 

I was personally able to bypass much of the nonsense by seeking out the most outstanding people on the planet in each field that I wished to master and then modelling their success. I read their books, listened to their audios, watched their interviews, attended their events, interviewed them, and in some cases flew across oceans and continents and went right up and knocked on their front door.

Even though I dabbled in it, mediocrity was not an option for me long term. I set out to master each area of life and I decided that I would not settle for anything less than my heart’s desires.

To take the leap from mediocrity to mastery means moving into the unknown. It comes with making a decision to raise your standards, letting go of old habits and creating new life habits.

There will be some doubt and apprehension, which will create some resistance and fear, but you can break through that as long as you keep going.

Over the next 90 days I am doing a live video training each day on my Youtube channel, titled “From Mediocrity to Mastery!”

If you missed it then click here now to view last nights first instalment!

And make sure you tune in everyday, join me and take part in this 90 days from mediocrity to mastery!

Todays power question: “Which area of life am I lacking in, if I raised my standards would transform all of my life?”

Todays power statement: “I love my life and I am going to master it!”

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong
(The dragon slayer)

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“Our greatest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasures” 

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