Should you Trust me or not? Here’s the Startling Truth…

Should you Trust me or not? Here’s the Startling Truth…


Should you Trust me or not? Here’s the Startling Truth…

Someone posted on a local FB group today that they where giving their pets tablets that stopped them from getting fleas and ticks.

There were a dozen or so comments afterwards from people interested in the drug and others simply stating what method they used.

I found it curious that no one questioned the possible side-effects of such a powerful drug that literally stopped fleas and ticks from living in the animals fur — so I left a comment asking if he knew the ingredients of the drug and what were the known side-effects listed.

He commented back that he didn’t but the vet did and he trusted his judgement!

This is a very dangerous attitude to have. Why would he trust the vets judgement? How does he know that the vets highest interest is that of the health of the animal and not to sell a new pharmaceutical which offers a very healthy profit margin?

This then brings up the question of how to do we know when to trust someone? But it’s not about trust, it is about not taking responsibility. There are times when it is wise to trust completely and there are times when it is wiser to have our own understanding rather than handing over our power to a perceived authority figure. And the wisest know the difference!

As a general rule there are three things that it is wise to empower ourselves with. 

1. First is our health. And as in the case above, the health of anyone that is in our care which I extend to all animals. When I was preparing the legal documents to bring my cat to Spain, my vet wanted to give my cat a flu injection which I refused. When she asked why with a perplexed look, I simply said that I wouldn’t take it myself because it was a toxic concoction, so why would I give it to my cat?

2. Our finances. I once worked for a global financial institution and our number one concern was getting as big a commission as possible, not getting the client the best investment opportunity. I only lasted a month in the company for obvious reasons but it gave me enough of an insight to see that banks and investment companies did not have their clients best interests at heart. 

3. Our beliefs. Our beliefs about ourselves, the world and creation are often given to us and most people blindly accept that that is how it is. The majority of beliefs we receive are limiting and so it is wise to question them and change them for more empowering beliefs.

And of course there are times when it is best to completely trust — like when I went sky diving — I followed the instructions of my coach exactly and without question, because he jumped out of aeroplanes 10 times per day and it was in his best interests to get me and him to the ground safely.

Look at your own life and see how you can empower each area and also what areas have you disempowered by handing over to a perceived authority figure or institution? Where is it best to trust where maybe you haven’t been out of fear or some other reason?

Todays power question: “What have I been putting blind faith into when it would be wiser to question?”

Todays power statement: “I listen to my heart and it whispers truth to me daily!”

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong 
(The dragon slayer)

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“Our greatest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasures” 

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