Santiago Trail Camino De Santiago Day 10 – Synchronicity

Santiago Trail Camino De Santiago Day 10 – Synchronicity

The Santiago Trail has been offering us many synchronistic events to assist us on our camino. Today we walked from Viana, through the city of Logrono and on to Navarette. A long day of walking especially when we had to walk all the way through a city, which can be energetically draining. I made the most of being in the city and bought some new footware, a pair of North Face gortex hiking shoes with Vibram soles. Now I mean’t business!

Earlier I had noticed a homeless man whose boots were falling apart and I so wanted to give him my boots when I purchased my new shoes, but he was nowhere to be seen. I ended up leaving my boots on a park bench with a note saying “Please give these boots to someone who needs them”!

They were brand new very warm boots, and perfect for a homeless man in winter, but were making my feet sweat too much and I was forming new blisters everyday from wearing them. I am sure they found a good home.

We had some drama today as well. Victoria tripped and fell while carrying Indigo, but fortunately was able to absorb the landing on her knees and elbows, which left her bruised and bloody but Indigo was unharmed. It gave me the fright of my life seeing her tumble and then so much gratitude to see Indigo completely unscathed, and Victoria with only superficial injuries. Victoria’s instinct to hold his head in her hands and absorb the impact on her elbows and knees, while falling was comendable!

We have had many syncronistic events take place on the Santiago trail. Each event either helps us or someone else. Sometimes the signs are subtle, like a bird tweeting at us and then flying off at a fork in the trail were the way isn’t clear, and then just choosing to follow the direction of the bird, which happened once when we couldn’t find an arrow.

And sometimes people get put in the right place at the right time, like this morning when we were walking very early just after dawn, a man appeared out of nowhere and told us that we were going the wrong way in no uncertain terms. We could have been miles off track before we realised that there were no more markers.

Yellow arrows generally direct the way, but sometimes they are easy to miss and other times they have been rubbed off or faded away. It is necessary to be vigilant at all times because one missed arrow could mean an extra couple of hours walking. A painful lesson for some people sometimes.

When we can start to understand that the universe is our friend and is always conspiring in our favour then we can look out for the signs and synchronicities, which is the universes way of communicating with us. many people go through life totally unaware that the universe is conversing with them at all times. All it takes is a little awareness and some vigilance to start to notice the signs and learn the language of the universe. This helps life flow on the Santiago Trail!

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