Pilgrimage On The Santiago Trail – Day 11- Why Are You Walking?

Pilgrimage On The Santiago Trail – Day 11- Why Are You Walking?

We are pilgrims on a pilgrimage along the Santiago Trail. We feel like pilgrims now and have found our stride. The elements have battled with us a little on some days and today was a calm sunny day which added to our enjoyment. It is not always enjoyable and pilgrimages aren’t meant to be. They are of course not a walk in the park!

Then the question comes, why walk it? If it is not always enjoyable then why choose to do it? For many people it doesn’t make sense and it can’t be fully understood intellectually. It is an adventure, that is for sure and a spiritual calling. I believe that the intelligence of the Camino calls people from all over the world to come and walk.

And while walking, one receives blessings from the camino in the form of lessons, wisdom, a cleansing of the minds programming and a deeper connection with the heart. When asked, many people will give different reasons for walking the camino.

For some it is cultural and they want to see Spain in a different way. For others it is a bit of a sport and they want to walk the camino in as short a period of time as possible, and will tell you with pride that they are walking 40 or 50 kilometres per day. Many are christians and walk for religious reasons and there are also those who are Paulo Coelho fans and were inspired by his book “The Pilgrimage”.

I could give a number of reasons why we are walking, but I choose not to intellectualise it too much as it was Life, guiding us to walk it. I trust in Life and so don’t need to question it. When I receive the messages I act on them for I know that it is for my higher good.

I read “The Pilgrimage” by Paulo Coelho about 10 years ago and immediately thought that I would walk it one day. Many other things happened as well to attract me to the Camino, even though I wasn’t consciously looking for it. I was at a peronsal development conference and one of the speakers talked of her time on The Camino De Santiago.

Whatever I heard or saw about it made me feel lighter and inspired me to take action and go. Victoria was also on a similar page to me, she had also read “The Pilgrimage” years ago and had it in her bucket list to do.

When we are not sure what direction to go in life and we are presented with different options then the way to choose is to feel which option makes us feel lighter and which options make us feel heavier. This can be subtle, but what makes us feel lighter is the way and is always the way.

The rational mind can often take us from our path with justifications and excuses, but it is when we tune into our heart, then we know the truth. To help tune into the heart it is very helpful to close the eyes and put the hand on the heart and then ask the questions; and what we find is that the truth is revealed to all pilgrims on The Santiago Trail.

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