Walking The Camino De Santiago With My Parents Day 3

Walking The Camino De Santiago With My Parents Day 3

I was quite contented with how my life was going so far and then I got whisked away on an adventure of an unusual sort and grander than most my age have ever experienced. My parents were taking me to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

I like going for walks, in fact it is one of my favourite things. My Mummy or Daddy straps me into a harness and carries me tight against their body. I look forward to the day when I can walk myself, but for now this is my preferred way to travel. I stay warm, comfortable and am connected to my parents. I can even hear their heart beat when I place my head against their chest.

So for me to go on a 900km walk from the Pyrenees in France, across Northern Spain and through Santiago de Compostela and then to the Atlantic Ocean at Finisterre, was cool with me. It was my parents that I was a little concerned about. My Dad is stubborn and my Mum a little unsure of herself, but I know that as a family we are capable of doing it together, even if there maybe some amateur dramatics along the way.

Walking with mummy and daddy.
We are now on day three of our camino on the Camino Frances, which is the most popular route to walk and the whole thing is so exciting. As we walked through the Pyrenees, my Mum who has been carrying me would often point out places of beauty for me to see and I am enjoying the fresh air and energy that I can draw from the natural beauty all around me. Whenever I get frustrated with being in the one position, Dad lifts me out and carries me up point facing forward so then I can see everything.


I love getting attention and so arriving in the albergue’s each evening is my highlight. So far I have met lot’s of Korean women. They are so friendly and have been giving me presents and playing with me. My Mum say’s that I am flirt, like my Dad, I think.

My Mum was concerned about me crying at night in the albergue’s but Last night I was the quitest one in the room. Nearly everyone else was snoring. A spanish man and Korean woman seemed to be having an unconscious snoring competition. I think it was a draw in the end. I have little reason to cry when I am sleeping skin to skin with my Mum and any time I am feeling a little peckish, I just kick my legs little and Mum feeds me. I only cry when I am uncomfortable, but my parents do a great job seeing to my needs so I generally don’t need to. If they slack off, I let them know about it.

Today I got to see dog’s, cats, horses and bulls. I love animals and I am glad that my parents don’t plan on feeding them to me. So far all I have tasted is Mum’s milk, but I am starting to get curious about all these foods and drinks I see Mum and Dad enjoying On The Camino De Santiago De Compostela.

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