Take The First Step – Wisdom For Life!

Take The First Step – Wisdom For Life!

Take the first step. Wisdom for life.

Often the first step is the hardest. We fail, not because we fall short, but because we never start in the first place. Surely this is the only real failure as nothing is learned or experienced if we don’t take that first step, if we don’t start!

Taking the first step is an act of courage and through this act we are strengthened and our resolve deepens. Even if we are defeated on our quest we can still learn and grow in wisdom from this.

The person that sits on the side lines, laughing and pointing the finger at those that stumble and fall, shouting “failure” and “fool”—they are the real fools—for as they point the finger they have three pointing back at them. They are the real failures for fearing to attempt in the first place.

They will not know themselves and without knowing oneself, how can one be themselves? How can one then love themselves if they never reach deep down inside and discover who they really are?

Prudence is primary to all our decisions, but over-prudence is nothing more than cowardice. Risks are necessary for our growth and evolution. Put things in perspective. “What is the worst thing that can happen”? What is the best thing that can happen”? “What is more important to me out of these two”?

This is prudence at work and once we can answer these questions honestly then we know whether it is wise to take the first step!

No matter how unlikely or impossible our quest seems, it is wise to realise that the universe is in a constant state of flux and after we take the first step, the universe will start to re-organise based on our decisions and actions. Powerful universe bending beings we are!

It is said that without a vision the people perish. This is also true for each individual. As we grow and expand so will our vision. Nothing remains permanent, only impermanence itself!

To be grateful in the moment, will curiously enough allow us to flow forward with and into our vision and our highest aspirations. Gratitude is the great key that will unlock all doors.

Remaining humble on our quest will allow us to flow and overcome any resistance along the way.

Knowing and being clear with what is most important and valuable to us will light us up with inspiration and provide the enthusiasm to keep going on our journey and able to overcome all obstacles and breakthrough all thresholds along the way.

But finally where do we arrive? Well it is place called love, which is also the place in which we started—and love is with us all along the way—at all times.
So why did we make the journey in the first place? Well to know that we must take that first step and keep going until the end!

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