Personal development for Jedi’s, Ninja’s and Badasses

Personal development for Jedi’s, Ninja’s and Badasses

Personal development for Jedi’s, Ninja’s and Badasses is the name of my blog. So what brought me to this name, you may wonder?

Well I have watched the original Star Wars Trilogy a couple of dozen times over the past three decades, but I Have never been to a Star Wars convention or had “Star Wars” tattooed on my arm like I know one old friend of mine has!

I simply love the Jedi philosophy, which is really Taoism, which is were George Lucas learned of these teachings. The Jedi are also able to accomplish what others see as impossible.

It was also through movies where I first learned of the mystical martial artists called Ninja. I was a martial artist and studied karate, so already on the path my fantasy of the Ninja eventually became a reality when I travelled to Japan to study with the last Ninja Grandmaster. At present time I hold a 9th degree black belt in Ninjutsu.

Similar to the Jedi, the Ninja also have a beautiful philosophy, not to be confused with the Hollywood version or even the Japanese mainstream version. The Ninja were non-conformists, they understood and lived in accordance with natures laws. They were also able to do what most deemed impossible.

Badass is a relatively new word with it’s seed of popularity being sown in the film “Pulp Fiction”. For me a Badass is someone who has courage in their convictions and who does what needs to be done, without complaining or blaming or justifying when things aren’t going to plan.

A Badass has a vision, knows where they are going and nothing is going to stop them.

To be a Ninja, a Jedi or a Badass, or all three, boils down to attitude…it’s an attitude! You certainly don’t have to be like me and get thrown around a dojo and attacked by people with swords for years to call yourself a Ninja, unless you choose to that is.

You can decide now to have the attitude of the Ninja, Jedi or Badass and like magic it is so! You see, your unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between something that you vividly imagine and something that is real.

So however and whoever you imagine yourself to be will start showing up in your attitude and it will become your self image.

When you start seeing yourself this way, your confidence and self esteem will soar and you will become unstoppable in creating the life of your dreams.

Do not be deluded by what society has told you is acceptable to think like or be like. If you want to be a Ninja, Jedi or Badass then you have come to the right place and you are accepted and welcomed here!

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The Force is strong in you!

Matthew Armstrong


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