Harness Imaginary Forces to Your Advantage

Harness Imaginary Forces to Your Advantage

It was Einstein who said that imagination is more important than knowledge, but few know and understand just how to use their imagination to their advantage.Most people use their imagination to fuel their fears — fears that rarely materialise. Just look back on your life thus far and see all the things you feared most and even if those fears became a reality, was it really that bad? In most cases, no, it wasn’t.

Our imagination can be better used, but again few of us realise this because there weren’t any classes in school called “How to use your imagination to empower your life”. There was no time for that class, because there was algebra to be learned!

Even though Albert Einstein was given the title as most influential person of the twentieth century, by Time Magazine, no one thought to add his greatest wisdom to the education curriculums.

So just how can we harness our imagination to empower our lives? Conscious visualisation is the first thing I will touch on. Just say you have an important meeting, exam, job interview, stage performance or anything like that, that may be stressing you out. 

Instead of worrying about what if you mess up, or fail or whatever, do this simple exercise: Close your eyes and float up out of your body and float into the future and down into the future you after the big event. Your performance was flawless, you aced the exam, won over your interviewer and got the job or received a standing ovation for your stage performance. Feel all the great feelings that come with this experience. Maybe someone is hugging and congratulating you. hear the words, see the smiles, smell the smells, taste the victory and fully associate with the experience, basking there for as long as you need, until you decide to float back to now. Replay this as many times as you desire. The more you do the stronger it will become and the more confident you will be when the time comes to step up to the bar.

The above process is very powerful, so don’t underestimate it as it is used by many of the worlds top athletes to perform at their best during key clutch moments. Most of them understand that the unconscious mind, which is the primary driver in our life, can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is vividly imagined.

Tomorrow I will give you another great tip on how to harness imaginary forces to your advantage. For now, get going with that one!

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong
(Dragon Slayer)

“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasure”

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