Best Water Filter Review

Best Water Filter Review

After doing lots of research into different types of water filter systems, what I found was that many of the high end expensive filters don’t really do that much more that some of the mid-range filters at around £100..

I wanted a filter that removed the chlorine from the water that me and my family drink, because not only is this very important for health but it also drastically improves the taste of the water.

If you have never heard about the health problems caused by Chlorine, I highly recommend the book “Coronaries, Cholesterol, Chlorine” by Joseph Price

After much searching online, I found the Pozanni IX 600 Water Filtration System and am very happy with the quality and ease with which I was able to fit it under my sink.
The IX 600 Water Filter is available from Amazon if you live in the UK or Ireland.

The IX600 range of water filters have a multi-stage filtration system built into a single cartridge which restores the natural taste of water and makes tea, coffee and cordials more appetising. Most people realise their tap water contains chemicals which have been added during water treatment or have leached from other polluting sources. These can give water an unpleasant taste and/or odour and may give rise to health concerns.

This water filter removes up to 95% of most heavy metals, including lead, aluminium, iron, copper and cadmium, as well as removing up to 90% of dissolved organic material (such as pesticides, herbicides and oil residues). Chlorine removal is very good indeed (up to 99%), hence the water odour and taste is significantly improved.

To buy the IX600 Filter visit amazon at

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