The One Thing That Changed My Life!

The One Thing That Changed My Life!

Over the years I have been to tons of personal development events of various kinds all over the world and they have greatly helped in shaping who I am today. 

My attitude was that if I could just learn one thing, eradicate one fear, release one disempowering belief, take on one new empowering belief or get one aha moment, then it was worth it — because I know that one small shift can completely alter the trajectory of our lives over time.

I had experienced rock bottom, a place of complete apathy where I couldn’t of cared less if I was run over by a truck. In fact, my morning mantra was “If someone has to be run over by an out of control truck today, then let it be me.” People think that I am this really positive guy, but let me tell you, there are two sides to me. 😉

A friend then recommended that I read a book that he said was life changing. I read that book and drank the words off the page like a man lost in the baking desert sun would drink water when he finally found an oasis.

A spark was ignited within me, and before long, I was engulfed in flames of inspiration, which propelled me up and forward on a new journey.

I learned and discovered many things, reading hundreds of books, listening to an equal amount of audio programs and attending dozens of events, I was on the cutting edge and thought that there was not much more to learn.

The three most dangerous words in the English language are “I know that”. I kept this in mind, appreciating that there is always another deeper level of learning for everything.

Then I heard a speaker at an event say “Our aversions provide for us our biggest learnings.” I realised in that moment that there was a whole other side of the universe that I hadn’t explored, which was also a whole other side of myself. They provide our biggest learnings because they are the things we least like to look at and can be the most uncomfortable. It takes guts to do it!

Disowned parts of ourselves would be another phrase that can explain our aversions. For example, I had an aversion to authority, which also mean’t that I was disowning my own authority. I looked at all the things that I didn’t like in other people and then asked the question. “Where is this trait in me?” They were all there! 

If I thought that someone was a hypocrite, I then looked to how I was also a hypocrite, and then owned that hypocrisy. I suddenly became aware of the times when I would say “I don’t like this or that.”

Maybe it was a religion or philosophical idea that I had an aversion to, so I would look at it more deeply and see what I could learn from it. Sometimes the truth of why I didn’t like something was that it was challenging my belief system at the time. But through this process — as scary as it was and there were times when I felt completely lost — my mind became free.

I invite you to…neigh…dare you to look at your aversions and shine your light on them!

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong
(dragon slayer)

“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasure”

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