How to get motivated

How to get motivated

There are two different types of motivation from my point of view.  There is outer motivation and inner motivation.  We recieve outer motivation when we hear an inspring speech, it moves us to act by stirring our emotional juices.  We get pumped up and go for it, at least for a little while.  But almost invariably, we run out of juice after some time and the inspiring speech of seminar starts to become a distant memory.

Most folks don’t feel too motivated to clean their house, until they get an unexpected phone call from their in-laws or someone official to say that they will be around in an hour for a visit.  That’s super motivation to clean the house in a very focused and manic way.  This is also outer motivation.

In a sales office the manager walks in and offers a hundred dollar bill to the first member of the sales team to make the next sale, and then suddenly work rate picks up and magically each sales agent is able to make triple the amount of calls and pitches in the same amount of time as before.

In the former example, the house goes back to it’s messy state in a few days with no outward motivation to clean it.  In the latter example, as soon as that hundred dollar bill is won, the work rate suddenly and immediately decreases back to what it was previously before the outer motivation was added.  So the main problem with outer motivation is that it doesn’t last and needs constant injections.

Inner motivation is internally and perpetually driven by one word “why”.  We also have a why with outer motivation, but the difference is that with inner motivation we create that “why” ourselves through our imagination so we can make it as powerful as we desire.

Think of it like sailing, if we haven’t hoisted up the sails then we won’t have any energy to move, but as soon as we start winding up that sail our yacht starts to cut through the water as the wind catches, and the bigger we make that sail, also known as our reason “why” then the more powerfully our ship can be moved to our desired destination or outcome.

Now that’s all very well, but how do we make our “why” bigger and more compelling?  Quite simply, write it down!  For example, let’s say that our outcome is to become financially free and independent. Most people want this, but very few will achieve it because they haven’t got a big enough why or articulated their reason why and haven’t associated with it…  Meaning, it’s just a thought in their head with no real traction and hasn’t been knit with the identity or self image.

There is a lot in that last paragraph, so let me give you a step by step exercise so you can achieve what I am talking about.

  1. Write down your outcome.
  2. Write down between 100 and 1000 reasons why this is important to you and what it will give you.
    Your heading might be “1000 reasons why being financially independent will help me, my loved ones and the world.”  Remember… the more compelling reasons why, the bigger your driving force and the stronger your motivation.
  3. Read over your list and add new reasons daily.
  4. Fully associate to your outcome and vision.  See yourself as that person and how your life is because of it.  Visualise every possible detail you can imagine.

By doing these four things your brain will find a way, because you will have completely reprogrammed it and your identity.  Welcome to effortless and endless motivation!

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