#2 The Secret to Realising your dreams

#2 The Secret to Realising your dreams

Matthew Armstrong - Neuro StrategistWelcome to the 2nd edition of the Be Your Potential newsletter. I would first like to thank all the people who gave me such great feedback after the first edition went out. Your comments were inspirational! If for whatever reason you didn’t receive my first newsletter, or maybe deleted it by accident you can simply click here and visit my Newsletters page.

So after looking over last months article “The Three Keys To Creating Your Authentic Destiny”, I thought how can I at least equal that this month. And what I came up with is the highest teaching there is.

It is something that most people are terrified of at some level, and the acceptance of it will actually set you free to realise your dreams and Be Your Potential.

So what is this great secret your ask? and no it’s not the law of attraction.

It’s responsibility. The secret is taking responsibility! Now I know that some of you are curious and will read on, and some of you are about to click on next. I challenge you to read on, as it will all make sense and you will be transformed to a new level of consciousness by the time you finish reading.

We have a universal law called cause and effect. Most people believe that they are at the effect and they live their lives this way. They believe that they are at the effect of their environment, including how they think, act and behave, because of their past and they believe that it cannot be changed; and they also believe that they have no real control over their future.

They believe that another person can make them sad, angry or happy. These people go through life like a pinball, being bounced back and forth full of uncertainty of what is going to happen next. Once you realise that you are not the pinball being bounced all round the pinball game machine and that you are actually the player tapping the buttons, directing which way your life, (I mean the pinball) goes, transformation occurs!

This is the first step to being at cause and taking responsibility of where that pinball goes in the game called life.

Now once you take responsibility for your life, its something that’s new and you may not be that great at it yet. Because wow that pinball moves fast and sometimes it bounces off in unfamiliar directions. And you start to wonder if you are at cause at all. And as long as you stay as the player tapping the buttons, directing your life, you will get better at it, and fairly soon it doesn’t matter what direction that pinball shoots off at, you will be centred and certain that you will be able to handle any eventuality.

You may be thinking of times in your life when you had no control and there was nothing you could do about it, and then maybe being at cause, is something that can only be achieved when it is convenient.

Well! When world renowned author Napoleon Hill was at the hospital after his son was born, the doctors told Napoleon that his son had no ears and would never be able to hear. Napoleon told the doctor that his son would grow to have 100% hearing. The Doctor put his hand on Napoleon’s shoulder and said, “Now Napoleon, in this life there are some things that neither you or I can do anything about.” “Now Doctor…” said Napoleon “There is nothing I can’t do something about, even if it is to adjust myself to an unpleasant situation so that it does not destroy my spirit” And by the way, even though at that time, there had never been a case where a person born without ears ever came to hear, Napoleon’s son, by the time he was in his third year of University achieved 100% of his hearing!

Psychiatrist and author Victor E Frankel, also said it so beautifully when he wrote, “the greatest freedom a man has, is being able to choose his attitude in any situation“. He was a survivor of the death camp Auschwitz, where there was a one in 28 chance of survival.

These are two examples of people who took 100% responsibility for themselves, and the outward results took care of themselves.

So now that you understand the difference of being at the effect versus being at cause, and how it is a matter of taking responsibility for yourself and your outer environment, we are now going to look at some habits and thought patterns we might have that keep us at the effect. The awareness of will assist us in being at cause all the time.

There are three weeds that we must grab by the roots and toss out of our minds, and when we do this we take total responsibility and really start being true leaders, by leading our lives instead of being lead like a dog.

The first weed is called blame, and it is the way of putting responsibility onto somebody else, such as….. “The Reason I can never be successful is because my father always told me I was useless.”or “I can never be wealthy because my wife spends all my money.” I think you get the idea.. Its always someone else’s fault, it’s never their problem and its an easy way out of taking responsibility, which also puts them at the effect.

There are three major areas of life in which the majority of the world give away responsibility to others, and when things go wrong ,they blame them. These are in order of importance; Mental and Emotional health, Physical Health and Finances. Take total responsibility for these three by educating yourself, otherwise you are relinquishing your power. I will expand on these in a future article!

Is this making sense? Great!

The second weed is complaining. People who complain, do not take responsibility for what they complain about. The clues are in the language. It’s always something that happens to them. “Then somebody broke into my car and stole my laptop….and then I ran out of fuel on the way home… and this happened to me and this…” And they have locked themselves into the pattern of things happening to them, and how bad everything is. When really it is all their responsibility. Complaining is an infectious disease, and the more a person complains, the more they have to complain about, because what you focus on expands. The weed gets bigger, the roots grow deeper and there isn’t much room for anything else. So next time someone complains to you about the weather, gently remind them that they can go and live in any climate they choose!

The third weed is rationalisation, and it is a clever weed, because it worms its way out of taking responsibility very well. Be very vigilant of this one! It will rationalise all its actions and inactions. When a person experiences failure, they might say… “I never really wanted it anyway” “I’m content with the way things are.” What they are doing is making it OK, so that they can stay comfortable. Or they will come up with a pile of reasons (another word for excuses) why something did not work out as planned. Effectively they have a story that they tell. When Thomas Edison experienced his 9777th failure at inventing the light bulb, he said “Great, now there’s another way it doesn’t work, which narrows things down even further,” I don’t believe those where his exact words, although that was his mindset. Those three weeds did not exist in his mind.

Because you are receiving this article, means that you are already living life on a high level, and you have probably weeded out those three weeds of Blaming, Complaining and Rationalising along time ago. So what I invite you to do, is speak to the people you spend your time with, such as friends, family and work colleagues and tell them about this really cool article you read and challenge them to go for one week without blaming, complaining or rationalising. And you can hold each other to this standard with a forfeit involved if they do any of the three.

This is a fun way of raising the standards of the people you spend your time with without preaching at them, and it will in turn raise your own standards to a new level of responsibility.

This now brings us to the next level, and three ways to take control of any situation. Because there are three things we can do in any situation, that is if we are now taking responsibility for any and all situations we happen to be in.

1. We can do our best to improve the situation.

So if you are spending time with friends and they are in complaining consciousness,  you could say.. “Hey I recently read this great article, and there’s this fun game, and if anybody blames, complains or rationalises…” you know the rest..

2. We can leave the situation

This might be a job that you are in and you dislike your working conditions, or your don’t like your boss. You might not want to put in the effort to improve the situation, when there are better jobs available elsewhere, so you simply move yourself out of the situation.

3. We can totally accept the situation

There may be certain things you don’t agree with your spouse about, which occasionally causes friction. You know that they are never going to change and neither are you, so you just totally accept the situation, without blaming, complaining or rationalising. Because once you accept then all negative charge dissipates. Make sense!

There you have it. The three weeds that you must grab by the roots and toss out of your mind, and three things you can do in any situation; and you must do one of them!

Do these things and make this a part of your life, and you will lead yourself directly to the realisation of your dreams. This is what taking responsibility can do for you.

Does this all make sense, I really hope it does and is of value to you as you progress forward in your life, continuously expanding and evolving into the next grandest version of who you are.

My friend, there is another level of responsibility, which at this time is not for everybody, if you think that is this is for you, and you will know intuitively, then click here to go to the members page, where you will find the most esoteric teachings on responsibility and other articles.

Matthew Armstrong

CEO / www.beyourpotential.net

Our deepest fear is not that we are in adequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous , talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’ t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in every one. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

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